At Preston-Werner Ventures, we are driven by the moral imperatives posed by climate change and inequity. We seek not only to prevent their harms, but also to create a society that redirects capital to build healthier ecosystems and flourishing human communities.

We approach this task with humility but also with urgency. The mathematics of climate change make clear that this decade is our last hope to minimize suffering and avoid irreversible tipping points. While this timeline can be terrifying, we are inspired by our young leaders to view it as an opportunity to hasten our move towards justice.*

* To solve everything, solve climate: A conversation with Varshini Prakash, leader of the Sunrise Movement. By Anand Giridharadas

Through multidisciplinary collaboration and technological innovation, we create and fund sustainable development projects that focus on climate, population, and work. We focus on finding leverage points, where our funding can unblock a road, help gather the necessary data to prove out a point, or bring the right decision-makers together. We do this through three fronts:

Makes forward-thinking investments in future products and services that are changing the world. Angel funding and social impact.

Makes donations via C3 to groups around the world dedicated to helping others and the planet.

Invests via C4 in progressive legislation and political action to make the world a better place.

Direct Donations

On occasion, the Preston-Werner family makes direct donations, gifts, and political campaign contributions to outstanding individuals working on progressive politics, social justice, and climate action.


There are many good projects to invest in that don't have an immediate financial return on investment, nor do they necessarily qualify as charity. We hypothesize that many such projects ought to exist, and we are supporting them through Hypothesis. We like to build great things and help others build even more great things. Funding for Open Source projects, research grants and patronages, and any seems-like-it-ought-to-exist project is a potential project for Hypothesis.

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