Family Planning

As developing countries are increasingly moving toward universal health care and the world is grappling with climate change, access to sexual and reproductive health services is crucial. It starts with the premise that the ability to choose when to have children, how many to have, and with whom, are fundamental human rights. Having control over those decisions has profound societal benefits everywhere in the world, especially for women. And in many rural areas in emerging economies, community members rely on natural resources for livelihoods, and to feed their families. Helping individuals in those communities realize the same rights as people elsewhere, to have the number of children they desire, benefits both the community and the environment. Through our Family Planning program, we focus on increasing access to voluntary family planning in emerging economies and in the Global North.

PWV is in a learning phase, and we view our grantees as guides who will show us what approaches to girls’ and women’s reproductive care and education work best in their communities. Our current portfolio of projects represent for-profit, social impact investing and philanthropic investing. We have focused on working with grantees who are willing to teach us about the challenges of program implementation--what works and what doesn’t--so that we can develop as a sympathetic, collaborative partner.

We hope to shift toward working at the implementation point between A) proven models that provide family planning access and B) government adoption, financing, and scaling of those models. Our grants support organizations that bring best-practice models for sexual and reproductive health to governments. We believe that governments should provide quality primary and preventative healthcare for their citizens, including last-mile health. As this journey toward government-funded healthcare continues, smaller NGOs are necessary to provide the intermediary care. PWVs will continue to provide grants to support their current work.

Sample Grant Application

Here is an example of an application we love from the 2019 grant cycle. We are sharing this so future applicants may have a sense of what we’re looking for in a proposal.

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