Amelia Abdelrazik

Learning & Impact Manager

Amelia (she/her) joined Preston-Werner Ventures in 2016; she leads our learning and impact efforts. Amelia has a Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from UC Berkeley and a BA in International Relations from Brown University. Prior to PWV, Amelia worked for a variety of organizations in the public health and international development fields, including Four Women Health Services (Massachusetts), (Canada), Tadwein Gender Research Center (Egypt), UC San Francisco (California), and Peace Corps (Botswana).

The initial phase of Amelia's career focused on community-level access to sexual and reproductive health information and services globally. Over time, she realized that reproductive rights must be achieved alongside economic and racial justice. To accomplish that, Amelia believes that we need to meet communities where they are. She loves helping organizations plan strategically for the greatest impact and systemic change.

David S. Price

Developer in Residence

David (he/him) is a Developer in Residence, focusing on the alignment of innovation and human flourishing. He supports general initiatives and Hypothesis projects with an eye towards technology ethics, team formation, and expansion of product benefits across stakeholders.

Joining Preston-Werner Ventures in 2020, David has experience across industries as a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur. He has received medical device patents, acted as an Investment Bank CTO, and authored predictive models guiding $100s of millions in investment and R&D initiatives for the Fortune 50. He studied mechanical and biomedical engineering at the University of Colorado before graduate study in philosophy at Oxford.

The ebullient, happy center of his life includes his beautiful wife, twin daughters, and son. They are often adventuring together amongst the playgrounds, trails, and gardens of Golden Gate Park. Otherwise, he can be found on a bicycle wandering the hills of the Marin Headlands.

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Jae Pasari

Program Manager, Climate Action

Jae is our climate program manager, directing climate philanthropy and investing to high impact organizations and funds. Jae holds a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology from U.C. Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from U.C. Santa Cruz. Before joining PWV he was a senior fellow at the University of California's Earth Futures Institute, and his career has encompassed work in research, education, and activism across multiple environmental issues.

Jake Werner

Director of Policy and Political Research

Jake (he/him) joined Preston-Werner Ventures in 2020. He leads research and strategy on funding political change with a particular emphasis on reshaping the global economy to combat climate change, extend investment to capital-starved regions, and democratize international relations. He has over a decade of experience in Chicago community organizing and international labor rights campaigns.

Jake received a BA in History and International Studies from Northwestern University and a PhD in History from the University of Chicago. Before joining PWV he taught Chinese history and social theory as a Harper-Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago. He writes on contemporary Chinese politics, US foreign policy, and progressive globalization, and his articles have appeared in Foreign Policy, The Nation, and Made in China.

Kate Goss

Youth and Climate Education Specialist

Kate (she/her) joined Preston-Werner Ventures in 2021 to focus on youth and climate education. Kate has a BA in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado and multiple certifications in Montessori Education. Prior to PWV, Kate spent close to twenty years in the education field, with the last twelve focusing on building out educational levels and developing programs in a public Montessori setting. During this time she played many roles, including Level and Science Leads, Director of Service Learning, and Curriculum Developer. In these roles she developed programs that fostered both skills and independence, centering student choice and interest in real-world endeavors. Most recently she developed a place-based Citizen Science program and joined the DE&I task force for NASA’s GLOBE program.

Developing and implementing these programs gave Kate a deep appreciation for the transformative power of youth-led initiatives. She believes that supporting youth with skills, resources, and paths to use them is key to this moment and recognizes the importance of justice and inclusion in this work.

Marisol Ramos

Grants Administrator

Marisol (she/her) joined Preston-Werner Ventures in 2021 and serves as Grants Administrator. Marisol has a Dual Masters in Public Policy and Higher Education from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and the School of Education at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Previously, Marisol worked at the Community College Research Center at Columbia University conducting research on improving educational pathways for low income, first generation and undocumented students. Marisol has extensive experience in youth organizing, movement building, philanthropy and research in immigration and higher education policy.

Marisol has been featured in the New York Times, Latina Magazine, Los Angeles Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Magazine, New York Daily News, PBS, El Diario/LaPrensa for her advocacy work.

Rob Cameron

Developer in Residence

Rob (he/him) joined Preston-Werner Ventures in 2019. As the Developer in Residence he researches and builds out technologies needed for the Preston-Werner Ventures mission.

He has worked with computers for more than 20 years, starting out in the mid 90s as a self-taught web designer. He later moved to ColdFusion and created the ColdFusion on Wheels open source framework (still in active development). In the mid 2000s he moved to Ruby and Rails and now works primarily on RedwoodJS, an open source framework built on React and GraphQL.

Find him as @cannikin on Twitter and GitHub.

Sono Aibe

Program Manager, Public Health

Sono (she/her) joined Preston-Werner Ventures in 2021 as Program Manager for Public Health. She leads the funding strategy related to public health, specializing in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Sono has spent all of her career in global health focused on SRHR since 1988, serving in various management roles in large and small non-profit organizations in her native country Japan and in the US, as well as grantmaking in the US and globally at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation for 13 years. She is an accomplished champion and author of a variety of publications for integrated reproductive health, women’s economic empowerment and environmental conservation programs in East Africa that aim to serve local communities’ immediate needs, while contributing to national strategies towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. She served for six years on the board of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in California, and is now the board secretary of the Rewire News Group. Sono has degrees from Harvard University and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she focused on Health Systems. She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1994.

Theresa Preston-Werner


Theresa (she/her) wears many hats. Anthropologist. Entrepreneur. Investor. Philanthropist. She has spent the past two decades working to understand global poverty and injustice and to support efforts on the ground aimed at transforming political, economic, and social systems in order to better the lives of individuals.

Theresa received her BA in Anthropology and Gender Studies from Scripps College and her PhD in Anthropology from Northwestern University. Her research focused on the development of enclave economies throughout Central America and the recent surge of international direct-sales companies in their wake. In particular, the work examined how companies are able to manipulate vulnerable populations, often poor, uneducated women and young, unskilled men. In the U.S. and abroad, Theresa has worked with, advised, and founded various non-profit and for-profit organizations in fields ranging from girls and education to women and family planning to youth and technology to the tech world and philanthropy.

Tom Preston-Werner


Tom (he/him) started his first business, Gravatar, in 2003 and sold it to Automattic in 2007. Since then he's created many open source projects that have changed the way developers work and are used in millions of open- and closed-source projects: Semantic Versioning, Jekyll, TOML, and many more.

In 2008 he cofounded GitHub which was bought by Microsoft in 2018. Tom's currently cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Chatterbug, the best way to learn a new language.

Yari Greaney

Program Manager, Local Politics and Environmental Justice

Yari (she/her) joined Preston-Werner Ventures in 2021 as Program Manager for Local Politics and Environmental Justice. She leads the research and funding strategy related to strengthening progressive politics at the state and local levels through the lens of environmental justice. Particular areas of emphasis include racial justice, collective liberation, and Indigenous rights. For the past decade she has been a volunteer organizer in the movement for climate justice, working on issues including fossil fuel divestment, alternatives to policing, pipeline fights, labor rights, housing justice, and local budget advocacy.

She holds an MS and BS in Earth Systems from Stanford University, where she focused on climate resilience and urban ecology. She has worked in non-profits, local government, and political campaigns. She currently lives on Lisjan-Ohlone land in California’s East Bay.

The Bay Area Fund

Claudia Rivas

Program Officer, Bay Area Fund

Greetings! I am Claudia Rivas (she/her) and I am Vegetarian Vegan Chef in the Bay Area. I have 7 years of professional work experience. I decided to go to the Natural Gourmet in New York City because it was one of the best vegetarian schools in the country.

Being vegetarian most of my life has felt like the perfect fit for me. I did my internship at Ravens Stanford Inn the was immediately hired long term. After a couple of years I was offered a position at Greens in the Marina in San Francisco and finally realized my dream of living and working in San Francisco. I worked my way up through the ranks of various restaurants and catering companies throughout the Bay.

I eventually became a private chef and entrepreneur owner of my own catering company called Señorita Vegerita. Through my catering company and private position I am blessed to be able to focus on plant-based food and no longer compromising my values.

I am passionate about teaching people just how delicious food can be when it's animal and cruelty free. I am dedicated to uplifting my black and brown community in Oakland through food health and nutritional education. I am also passionate about supporting female-led black and brown owned businesses. I look forward to helping my community grow and thrive.

Dahli Tutman

Program Officer, Bay Area Fund

Dahli Tutman (they/them or she/her) is a professional child-care provider and parenting consultant. She works with conscious parents to raise socially and ethically responsible adults. She believes strongly that our early experiences shape our ability to have, among other important qualities, confidence. The ability to have empathy and initiate social change is corelated to self-worth. Dahli believes our path to stopping social injustice is through radically innovative parenting. She says that power, greed, and evil are not innate human qualities, but learned or adopted from childhood trauma.

Dahli has explored other career paths like owning a ceramic art business called Butterscotch Clouds, doing creative store windows for the popular brand Antropologie and teaching art. In addition she maintains her membership at the Berkeley Potter's Guild an art cooperative. However, for over 2 decades her passion is investing in the future via young minds. Several of her charges are young adults making socially impactful decisions through their careers, mindset and volunteer work. She's a Dean's list graduate of Mills College with a bachelor's degree in studio art, but is always interested in self growth and education. She is currently building on her certificate in early childhood education by taking a teaching program at the Montessori Institute of Advanced Studies.

Silvia Hernandez

Program Officer, Bay Area Fund

Our family moved to San Francisco in 2004 where we lived in homeless shelters and received help from generous organizations and families. Through their efforts we were able to eventually afford an apartment and live without the worry of going hungry. We hope to use our position with Preston-Werner Ventures to give back to many of the groups who helped us along the way so they can continue helping families in situations similar to the one we found ourselves in. When we find the time to be together we like ordering cheeseburgers, watching movies, and browsing the internet for discount used cars. My pronouns are she/her.